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Palletio has been creating well-designed pallet wood furniture and decor collections since 2014. Our popular brand offers radical designs, delivering stylish statement which have since evolved into a full collection in which every item is a vital part of homes character. The result? Elegance and an unmistakable signature style. All the beautiful pieces are made locally and manufactured with the greatest attention to detail but still retaining that pallet effect.

If you have an idea but just don’t know how to execute it, or would like more info, a price list or just some advice. Let us know at Contact us for a speedy response.

Palletio is a pallet Furniture Store is operated by a team from a home in East London, South Africa. We love unique, custom, and recycled home pallet furniture. This passion ultimately manifested itself with an idea to create a business dedicated to supporting and showcasing the artisans who build these fantastic pallet furniture. We promise that when you purchase our Pallet Furniture through our website you are supporting these small business owners directly and your purchase is unique. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly. We will be happy to respond quickly to your request!


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check-mark-screenshots-8High quality craftsmanship for superior structural integrity

check-mark-screenshots-8Custom designed furniture built to your specifications


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