Why Pallet Furniture?

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Billions of pallets exist in the world, and it has been said that there are nearly 6 billion in the South Africa alone. This requires the usage of one of the most magnificent resources our planet has provided…Wood. Recent studies show that 36% of the Wood produced in South Africa is for the construction of shipping pallets.
The mission of Palletio is not to end pallet manufacturing, but continue the use of the wood after it has met it’s first purpose. Wood of all species can be used over and over again, and we have found a plethora of ways to restore a resource that is normally burned or thrown away after a life-span of one year. Palletio doesn’t only use pallet wood, but all abandoned woods that have served a previous purpose. After treatment, sanding, and planing wood can be returned to it’s original conditions, so why not use it again? Re-using materials is the only way to recycle with the smallest footprint possible. Now you can bring that concept to your home in a stylish and interactive way with a custom piece from Palletio.PalletsDepot_1

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